Colors Trance Healing Art meditation

Receive healing through the energies of colors. This silent meditation invites you to watch in consciousness and welcome the active energies. 

Forms may appear to you: they are spiritual messages for you. I create the painting in a trance state to allow my group of spiritual healers to choose the colors and guide my movement.

At the end of the video, you can contemplate the painting under different perspectives and stay in meditation with the one resourceful for you.

4 videos of 8-12 minutes integration.

Experience a free colors trance healing art integration and meditation.

Colors Trance Healing Art

You are divinely guided. What a gift .... what talent. I am impressed by so much genius and simplicity both to do this in front of a camera and in front of us Gratitude Pascale

Light Language channeling

I have watched many light language practitioners on the internet, and there is maybe a handful that have a strong transmission, and u are definitely one of them! I can audibly hear the transmissions coming through your voice; it sounds like digital sounds, sometimes even voices. It is not the echoing effect that u have on your voice, I hear it with other practitioners aswell. Namaste💖☯️ U have a gift. I can audibly tell who really has a gift. Alot of people r just making noise, I dont think there is a true connection. But if they feel good doing it, that's fine. I'm convinced that there really is something to buddist, hindu monks, or anyone for that matter, saying Ohm, or similar hymns. They must hit a sound frequency that are able to transmit downloads. I wonder if anyone can do this tho. Kimberly

Calligraphic codes meditation

Thank you for this wonderful sharing - feeling of being in a generative spiral ... Powerful and soothing. 😍 Delphine

Wenna L

I'm a channeler, trance healer, spiritual teacher, storyteller, intuitive artist and a creative entrepreneur.

In everything I create, I channel high vibratory energies and spiritual messages to activate liberation, healing, facilitate elevation of frequency, expansion of consciousness , enhancing the reconnection to intuition and to your Soul.

I came back to Gaia as a volunteer to implement vibrations of Peace, Love and Harmony, transmuting collective patterns and memories of fear into Light and Love with Compassion and Kindness.

I am an open channel from the Source which gives me information directly.
I also co-create in the worlds of consciousness with a group of Lightbeings and Galactic, named Isha, who asked me to channel Languages ​​and Codes of Light (Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Lemurian, Venusian, Arcturians for the main ones I am aware until now) to pass on teachings, give deep healing and activate multidimensional codes and potentials in DNA.

As a Medium, I have access to different frequencies and energies. If needed, I also co-create with Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and other spiritual Beings.

I practice inspired art, healing art, following very deep visions that I received in spontaneous trance several years ago, where I was shown that this art would participate to the rise of Gaia's frequency and living beings on this planet.

I'm really delighted to stand by your side for your spiritual evolution, connecting to your inner wisdom and knowledge.

Always with You in Love and Light, Wenna L